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Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Research Interests

Emerging Layered 2-D materials

Layered 2D materials have generated much interest in recent times for their unique and outstanding properties along with the flexibility of functionalization. Graphene is one such a material comprising of hexagonal ring of conjugated carbon atoms. Due to this unique structure it exhibits many extraordinary properties high electrical conductivity, mobility, high thermal conductivity, and also very high mechanical strength. Pure graphene possesing a zero band gap, leads to very fast recombination of photoexcited electrons and holes. On contrary it is a poor absorber of light and hence shows a limited photo response. However the advantage of graphene lies in the tunability and fast recombination can be avoided by introducing defects in graphene sheet, leading to opening of band gap and hence longer life for photo excited electrons and holes. Problem of poor absorption can be addressed by decorating graphene sheet with highly light absorbing nanoparticles. One can prepare few layers of graphene by the reduction of graphene oxide (GO). By carefully controlling the reduction we can tune the band gap and create defects in graphene sheet. Efforts are being made to develop a highly responsive reduced graphene oxide (RGO) based photodetector.