Students/Young Researchers supervised/mentored


  • 16 PhD and 20 M.Tech students, trained in Dr. Basu’s research group, now working as faculty members at various IITs/NITs and researchers in academia and governmental research labs in India and abroad.
  • More than 50 summer interns/undergraduate students/ international researchers trained/ mentored

Doctoral (PhD) students supervised at IIT Kanpur

Student Dissertation Title Year Current Status
B. V. Manoj Kumar Understanding the Tribological Properties of TiCN-Ni based cermets November, 2007 Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee
B. V. Dharmendra Electro Discharge Machining Tool Design & Development of Electroconductive Ceramic Tools May, 2008 _
Shekhar Nath Development of novel calcium phosphate-mullite composites for orthopedic application September,2008 Scientist, Kavin Care Ltd., India
G. Brahma Raju Densification, Microstructure development and properties of some high temperature ceramics February, 2009 Assistant Professor,NIT Warangal
P. Suresh Babu Microstructure Development, Mechanical and Tribological properties of detonation sprayed WC-Co coatings May, 2010 Scientist, ARCI, Hyderabad
Ashutosh K. Dubey Electric field stimulated enhanced cell response on electrically active Hydroxyapatite-BaTiO3 composite May, 2012 Assistant Professor, IIT BHU
Prafulla K. Mallik Spark plasma sintered multifunctional HA-CaTiO3 composite for bone tissue engineering application June, 2013 Assistant Professor, IGIT, Orissa
Indu Bajpai Bactericidal property of spark plasma sintered multifunctional HA-Fe3O4 magnetic composites in static magnetic field stimulated growth medium June, 2013 Research Professor, Yeungnam Univ., South Korea
Amit S. Sharma Microstructure development and wear resistance of spark plasma sintered Cu-based nanocomposites July, 2013 Post-Doctoral Researcher, South Korea
Alok Kumar Microstructure development, biomineralization and osteoblast cell fate processes on high toughness Hydroxyapatite-Titanium composites July, 2013 University of Texas, El Paso, USA
Shilpee Jain Investigation of neural cell fate processes on amorphous carbon nanofibers, film and patterned structures August, 2013 DST-INSPIRE faculty, IISc
Neha Gupta Development of TiB2-Ti based homogenous/bilayered functionally graded armor materials and ZrB2-SiC-TiSi2 composites using spark plasma sintering September, 2013 Assistant Professor, NIT Raipur

Doctoral (PhD) students supervised at IISc, Bangalore

Student Dissertation Title Current Status
Greeshma T. (2011- ) Electric stimuli as instructive cues to guide cellular differentiation on electrically conductive biomaterial substrates in vitro Thesis submitted (July, 2015)
B Sunil Kumar (2011- ) Developmental strategies to address prosthetic infection and magneto-responsive biomaterials for orthopaedic applications Thesis submitted (July, 2015)
Ravi Kumar K (2011- ) Toughness enhancement of multifunctional HA-CaTiO3 composites and Experimental / Analytical studies on electrical field stimulated cell functionality in vitro Thesis submitted (December, 2015)
Yashoda Chandorkar (2011- ) Synthesis and biocompatibility property of biodegradable polymeric scaffolds Thesis submitted (September, 2015)
Sherine Alex (2011- ) Development of Cu-Sn based metallic reflectors for solar energy applications Passed comprehensive
Sourav Mandal (2012- ) Three dimensional printing of Hydroxyapatite-based scaffolds Passed Comprehensive
Sharmistha Naskar (2013- ) Microfluidic experiments to understand drug release of single cell Passed Comprehensive
Atasi Dan (2013- ) Fabrication and characterization of high temperature solar absorber materials Passed Comprehensive
Rahul Upadhyaya (2014- ) Synthesis and biocompatibility property of CNT/grapheme oxide reinforced conductive polymer biocomposites Passed Comprehensive
K. Sairam (2013- ) Development of Boride basedfor high temperature nuclear reactors Registered at HBNI, Mumbai
Subhadip Basu (2015- ) Experimental / Analytical studies on electrical field stimulated cell functionality in vitro Pre-comprehensive

Masters (M.Tech) Thesis supervised at IIT Kanpur

Student Dissertation Title Current Status Year of Completion
M. Surender Electrodeposition of Ni-WC composite coatings General Electrics (GE), USA July, 2003
A. Choubey Electrochemical and Wear behavior of Ti-based Biomaterials PhD student, UT Austin, USA September 2003
Debdas Roy Development of Aluminium Metal Matrix Nanocomposite prepared by In situ Reinforcement of Nanometric Intermetallic Particles Assistant Professor, NIFFT, Ranchi June 2003
D. Sarkar Development and characterization of ternary carbide in tribological application Associate Professor, NIT, Rourkela June, 2004
T.S.R.Ch.Murthy Processing and characterization of TiB2–based materials Scientist, BARC, Mumbai July 2004
S. Das Bakshi Processing and properties of TZP-ZrB2 composites by Sinter-HIPing SAIL, India November 2004
T. Venkateswaran Spark Plasma Sintering and Characterization of Titanium di-boride based composites Scientist, VSSC, Trivandrum January 2005
P. K. Shukla A comprehensive study on interaction of glass with metal Scientist, SAMTEL, Kota May 2005
Shibayan Roy Microstructure development and in-vitro properties of Macor Glass-ceramics Assistant Professor, IIT Kharagpur May 2005
Rohit Khanna Cryogenic wear of self-mated alumina and zirconia Univ. Of Pennsylvania, USA April 2006
Amartya Mukhopadhyay Development and investigation of mechanical and tribological properties of TiB2-based ceramics Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay September, 2006
Subhodip Bodhak Development of HDPE-HA-Al2O3 Biocomposites for Orthopedic Applications NIST, Gaithesburg, USA August, 2006
Poulami Maji Powder Metallurgical Processing and Tribological Characterisitcs of Cu-W composites PhD student, IIT Kharagpur October, 2006
Atiar R. Molla Influence of ceramising treatment on the crystal shape, in vitro and tribological properties of machinable glass ceramics Scientist, CGCRI, Kolkata, India July, 2007
Nitin Kumar Singh (IIT, Delhi) Investigations on the Influence of WC addition on the High Temperature Wear Behaviour of Ti(C,N)-Ni Cermets Maruti, Pune July, 2007
Abhishek Tiwari Analytical Models for Tribomechanical and Tribochemical wear of ceramics PhD student, EPFL, Switzerland May, 2009
Raghunandan Ummethala Corrosion and in vitro mineralization of Ti-Si-C alloy Post-Doctoral Researcher, TU Dresden January, 2010
K. Madhav Reddy Multi-stage Spark Plasma Sintering of Ceramics Post-Doctoral Researcher, John Hopkins Univ., USA May, 2010
Naresh Saha Development of Hydroxyapatite-ZnO biocomposites with antimicrobial property Scientist, Saint Gobain, Chennai May, 2010
Samyendra Kumar Structural characterization and biological properties of wet chemically synthesized silver doped Hydroxyapatite PhD student, IIT Bombay May, 2010
Subhendu Pandit(IISc, BS/MS) Bacteriotoxicity of Fe-based complexes - May, 2016
Vignesh. V(CIPET,Chennai) Development of titanium based alloy using 3D printing technology for Biomedical applications - June, 2015

Supervising Clinicians / Biologists

MDS (Masters in Dental Sciences):
Student Dissertation Title Current Status Year of Completion
Dr. M. Saini Investigation into adhesion problem of Dental restoratives. (Jointly with Prof. A. Tripathy) KGMU, Lucknow Dec., 2003-Dec., 2004
DBT-Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellow:
Student Dissertation Title Current Status Year of Completion
Dr. S. Gali Glass Ceramic based dental restorative applications M S Ramaiah Univ. of Applied Sciences, Bangalore May, 2015-
D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellows:
Student Dissertation Title Current Status Year of Completion
Dr. Nitu Bhaskar Biodegradable scaffolds for cancer drug delivery IISc, Bangalore May, 2015-

Supervising / Mentoring International students

As Principal Investigator and project co-ordinator/Director of Indo-US Joint Center on Biomaterials for human health care, I mentored the research activities of the following students:
Student University Period Area of Research
Justin Seil Brown University, USA September-October, 2009 Nanofbrous Scaffols
Alex Turner University of Washington, Seattle August-September, 2010 3D Printing
Nik Hrabe Universit of Washington, Seattle November-December, 2010 Porous Polymer
David Stout Brown University, USA Jan.-Feb., 2011 and April-May,2011 CNF-PLGA Scaffolds
As Indian Key Leader for UK-India Educational Research Initiative funded project, I mentored the research activities of the following students:
Student University Period Area of Research
Zahira Jaffer University of Birmingham, UK March-April, 2010 Glass Ceramics
Mitra University of Birmingham, UK March-April, 2010 Glass-Ionomer Cement
As co-PI of an Indo-Turkey research project, the following student was mentored:
Student University Period Area of Research
Nurcan C. Ackibas Anadolu University, Turkey Sept.-Oct., 2008 SiAlON ceramics for tribological applications
Other international students mentored:
Student University Period Area of Research
Susanne Christ University of Wuerzburg, Germany Oct., 2014-Dec., 2014 Additive manufacturing of Mg-Phosphate based biomaterials

Post-Doctoral researcher

Student Area of Research Period
Dr. Garima Tripathi (DST Woman Scientist) Polymer-ceramic Biocomposites Feb. 2009- Feb.2013
Dr. Alok Kumar Additive manufacturing of biomaterial scaffolds May,2013-Jan.,2015
Dr. Nitu Bhaskar in vivo biocompatibility of biomaterials April,2014-May,2015

Project Scientist

Student Area of Research Period
Sushma Kalmodia Genotoxicity of bioceramic composites 2008-2011
Anupam Purwar Spark Plasma Sintering and thermo-oxidative-structural analysis of ZrB2-SiC-Ti-based ceramics for thermal protection system design 2014 - present
Ragini Mukherjee Microstructure-property relationship of ZrB2-SiC-Ti-based ceramics for hypersonic applications 2014-2016
Gopinath N. K. High Pressure shock compression testing of ZrB2-SiC-Ti-based ceramics for hypersonic applications 2014-2016

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