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Biomaterials for human healthcare

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Indo-US Public-Private Networked R&D Center on Biomaterials for Healthcare was established with Dr. Bikramjit Basu as Indian Principal Investigator and Dr. Thomas Webster as US Principal Investigator in November 2008 for the period of two years. At the end of two years, it was extended for six months. Prof. S. P. Mehrotra was the nodal co-ordinator of the center. With the participation of two academic institutes from India (IIT Kanpur and IIT Mumbai) and three from USA (Brown University, University of Texas, San Antonio and University of Washington, Seattle) as well as two national research labs from India (National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Non-Ferrous Technology Development Centre (NFTDC)) and one private company from USA (Shaping Concepts, LLC), this centre is the largest of all the Indo-US research centers, currently being funded by Indo-US Science and Technology Forum. With twenty five (25) exchange visits of senior researchers and young PhD students between India and USA, this center has been able to achieve the overall objective to combine the cutting edge technologies of fabrication and testing of materials science with the knowledge of biological sciences in order to come up with strategies to develop shaped implant materials in some of the emerging material systems for the purpose of the enhancement of public health. This network center has demonstrated a synergistic flow and utilization of scientific concepts, technological ideas and expertise in an international team of recognized scientists from India and USA. The success of this center is reflected on the clinically relevant outcome of multiple bilateral projects in the area of orthopaedics, corneal, dermal, cartilage and cardiovascular tissue engineering applications. Some notable achievements include, a) understanding genotoxicity and gene profiling of osteoblast cells treated with nanobioceramic composites, b) development of Polymer based scaffold materials for cartilage and cardiovascular tissue engineering application; c) development of HA-based electroconductive biocomposites for bone tissue engineering, d) PLGA-CNF based composites for synthetic heart patches, e) injection molding of polymer-ceramic biocomposites and f) CAD/CAM based manufacturing route as well as 3D printing (3DP) route to fabricate materials with uniform and gradient porosity. In particular, the collaborative research between IIT Kanpur (Basu’s group) and Brown University (Webster’s group) on developing PLGA-carbon nanofiber based cardiac patches has received media attention worldwide.

Collaborating Institutes

  • IIT Kanpur,India

  • Brown University

  • University of Washington, Seattle

  • University of Texas, San Antonio

  • NML, Jamshedpur

  • IIT Bombay

  • Materials Processing Inc.