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Updated on: March 15, 2014  
  FACULTY - K. B. R. Varma, Professor & Chairman (Research)  

Last Updated:March 15, 2014
Default faculty mailing address: Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore - 560012, INDIA.
Phone: Country code-91; Bangalore city code 80 from abroad and 080 from India.


K. B. R. Varma,
Professor & Chairman

Ph: +91-80-2293 2914
Fax: +91-80-2360 0683
E-mail: kbrvarma@mrc.iisc.ernet.in

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Research Areas
Research Group

  • Dielectrics (ceramics, single crystals, glass nano/microcrystal composites, thin films)
  • Ferroelectrics including relaxors
  • Electro-optics (Both organic and inorganic)
  • Non-linear optics

Research in brief:

Multifunctional glass nano/microcrystal composites:

The current research activities of Varma's group encompass nanocrystallization of various oxides belonging to Aurivillius family of perovskite materials in compatible host glass matrices and demonstrating their multifunctionalities. The materials that were nanocrystallized in borate based glass matrices include Bi2WO6, Bi2VO5.5, SrBi2Nb2O9, SrBi2Ta2O9, BaTiO3, LiNbO3, K3Li2Nb5O15, LiTaO3 etc. Nanocrystallization of various other interesting borate materials in their own glass matrices has been demonstrated.

The nanocrystals of the above materials embedded in various glass matrices were proved to be promising from their dielectric, pyroelectric, ferroelectric, optical and non-linear optical device based applications point of view. The nanocrystals that were embedded in various glass matrices were found to be interesting from their Bragg optical diffraction based devices point of view.

Functional polar ceramics:

Research work has been also centered on the design, synthesis, fabrication and characterization of novel compositions corresponding to the above family of oxides. Towards this end a few new compounds - K0.5La0.5Bi2Nb2O9 and K0.5La0.5Bi2Ta2O9 were synthesized and demonstrated to be exhibiting relaxor characteristics.


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