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Updated on: July 15, 2010  
  FACULTY - S. A. Shivashankar, Professor  

Last Updated: April 28, 2007
Default faculty mailing address: Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore - 560012, INDIA.
Phone: Country code-91; Bangalore city code 80 from abroad and 080 from India.


S. A. Shivashankar

Off: +91-80-2293 2782
Res: +91-80-2360 1921
Fax:+91-80-2360 7316
E-mail: shivu@mrc.iisc.ernet.in

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Research Areas
Research Group


  • Development of chemical precursors
  • MOCVD of oxide thin films
  • ALD of metals and metal oxides
  • Thermodynamic modeling of the CVD process
  • Microstructure development in MOCVD-grown films
  • Properties of thin films

Research Areas:
  • Rational development of volatile and non-toxic precursors the synthesis/deposition of thin films through chemical routes (mostly metalorganic complexes).
  • Deposition of thin films of a variety of oxides using reactors built in house and precursors synthesized in house: ZrO2, HfO2, TiO2, Co3O4, VO2, V2O5, oxides of Fe, oxides of Mn, Magnéli phases of vanadium and titanium oxides, Al2O3, and rare earth oxides.
  • Deposition of thin films of metals (Cu, Co) and metal oxides (ZrO2, vanadium oxides) in a homemade five-channel ALD reactor.
  • To understand the formation of metal oxides from metalorganic complexes.
  • The examples of Al2O3, cobalt oxides, and vanadium oxides have been used to explore the development of microstructure and the occurrence of nanostructure in oxide films grown by MOCVD from β-diketonate complexes.
  • The electrical (dielectric), optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of the films deposited as above are investigated with a specific view to applying them in appropriate devices.





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