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Updated on: March 15, 2014  
  FACULTY - Bikramjit Basu, Associate Professor  

Last Updated: March 15, 2014
Default faculty mailing address: Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore - 560012, INDIA.
Phone: Country code-91; Bangalore city code 80 from abroad and 080 from India.


Bikramjit Basu
Associate Professor

Off: +91-80-2293 3256/ 09482570341/ 09483854515
Fax:+91-80-2360 7316
E-mail: bikram@mrc.iisc.ernet.in

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Recent Publications:

  1. A.K.Dubey and B.Basu, Pulsed Electric Stimulation and Surface charge induced cell growth on multistage spark Plasma Sintered Hydroxyapatite-Barium Titanate Piezobiocomponate, J. American Ceramic Society, 481-489, 97 (2013)
  2. A. Sabareeswaran, B. Basu, S. J. Shenoy, Z. Jaffer, N. Saha and A. Stamboulis, Early osseointegration of a strontium containing glass ceramic in a rabbit model, Biomaterials, 9278-9286, 34 (2013)
  3. Jaba Mitra, Shilpee Jain, Ashutosh Sharmaand Bikramjit Basu, Patterned growth and differentitation of neural cells on polymer derived carbon structures in vitro, Carbon, 140-155, 65 (2013)
  4. Alok Kumar, K. Biswas and Bikramjit Basu, Fretting wear behavior of hydroxyapatite-Titanium composites in simulated body fluid, supplemented with 5g/L bovine Serum Albumin, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 404004-404013, 46 (2013)
  5. Indu Bajpai, Kantesh Balani and Bikramjit Basu, Spark Plasma Sintered HA-Fe3O4 based Multifunctional Magnetic Biocomposites, J. American Ceramic Society, 2100-2108, 96 (2013)
  6. Shilpee Jain, Ashutosh Sharma and Bikramjit Basu, Vertical electric field stimulated neuronal cell functionality on porous amorphous carbon electrodes, Biomaterials, 9252-9263, 34 (2013)
  7. A. K. Dubey, Anumol E. A., K. Balani and B. Basu, Multifunctional properties of multi-stage spark plasma sintered HA-BaTiO3 based piezobiocomposites for bone replacement applications, J. Am. Cer. Soc., 3753-3759, 96 (2013)
  8. Jaba Mitra, Garima Tripathi, Ashutosh Sharma and Bikramjit Basu,Scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: role of surface patterning on osteoblast response Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 11073-11094, 3 (2013)
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Select Career Publications:

  1. Amit S. Sharma, Nisha Mishra, K. Biswas and B. Basu; Fretting wear study of Cu-10 wt% TiB2 and Cu-10 wt% TiB2-10 wt% Pb composites; WEAR (2013).
  2. Amartya Mukhopadhyay, T. Venkateswaran and Bikramjit Basu; Spark Plasma Sintering may lead to phase instability and inferior mechanical properties: a case study with TiB2; Scripta Materialia, 69 159-164 (2013). [Viewpoint paper]
  3. Krishanu Biswas, Amit S. Sharma, Bikramjit Basu; On the Densification Mechanisms and Properties of Cu-Pb and Cu-Pb-TiB2 Nanocomposites consolidated using Spark Plasma Sintering; Scripta Materialia 69 122-126 (2013). [Viewpoint paper]
  4. G. B. Raju and B. Basu; Hot pressed TiB2-10 wt. % TiSi2 Ceramic with extremely good thermal transport properties at elevated temperatures (up to 1273K); Scripta Materialia 68 79-82 (2013).
  5. Neha Gupta, Amartya Mukhopadhyay, K. Pavani, Bikramjit Basu; Spark Plasma Sintering of novel ZrB2-SiC-TiSi2 composites with better mechanical properties; Mat. Sc. Engg. A 534 111-118 (2012).
  6. P. Suresh Babu, Bikramjit Basu and G. Sundararajan; The influence of erodent hardness on the erosion behavior of detonation sprayed WC-12Co coatings; WEAR 270 903-913 (2011).
  7. K. Madhav Reddy, Amartya Mukhopadhyay and Bikramjit Basu; Microstructure-Mechanical-Tribological Property Correlation of multistage spark plasma sintered tetragonal ZrO2; Journal of the European Ceramic Society 30 3363-3375 (2010).
  8. D. Roy, S. S. Singh, B. Basu, W. Lojkowski, R. Mitra and I. Manna; Studies on wear behavior of nano-intermetallic reinforced Al-base amorphous/nanocrystalline matrix in-situ composite; Wear 266 1113-1118 (2009).


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