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Updated on: July 15, 2010  
  WORKSHOP on Self - propagating High Temperature Synthesis: PRESENTATIONS - 27 - 29 NOVEMBER 2008  
Talks on 27 NOVEMBER 2008
  • Combustion synthesis in the reactive multilayer nano-foils, Grigoryan Amazasp E (View Presentation)
  • Solution Combustion Synthesis of Oxide Materials, K.C.Patil (View Presentation)
  • Synthesis of the electro-conducting cermet materials on the base of Zn2SnO4, Barinova Tatyana V (View Presentation)
  • SHS processes modeling when competitive mechanisms of heat transfer in heterogeneous mediums are taken into account, Krishenik Petr M. (View Presentation)
  • Combustion derived nano metal oxides as adsorbents for water purification, G.T.Chandrappa (View Presentation)
  • Combustion Synthesis and Properties of Nanocrystalline Spinel Oxides, P.A.Joy (View Presentation)
  • Nanosezed Oxides and Oxy-Nitrides by Aerosol Processes, Sushil Kumar Rajan (View Presentation)
  • About mechanical activation influence on the structure and properties of Ni+Al and Ti+Al mixtures, Kochetov Nikolai A (View Presentation)
  • SHS of Porous Biomaterials on TiCo-alloys with HAP for the bone implants, Systchev A.E. (View Presentation)
  • Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) of Advanced High-Temperature Ceramics, Suman Kumari Mishra (View Presentation)
Talks on 28 NOVEMBER 2008
  • Influence of heat losses on filtration combustion of gas-solid systems, Grachev Vladimir (View Presentation)
  • Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of complex oxides: state and perspectives of development, Kuznetsov Maksim V. (View Presentation)
  • Synthesis of precursor for long afterglow phosphur by combustion, U.V.Varadaraju (View Presentation)
  • Mixture of fuels approach for the synthesis of novel oxide powders: Utility of combustion synthesized nanosize powders in the development of corrosion and wear resistant Ni- composite coating, S.T. Aruna (View Presentation)
  • Photomagnetic and magnetic hyperthermia studies of ferrite Nanoparticles synthesized through SHS process, D. Bahadur (View Presentation)
  • Citrate-Nitrate Based Combustion Synthesis of Nano-crystalline Multi-Component Oxides for Different Applications, H.S. Maiti (View Presentation)
  • Soft Chemistry for Nano-Materials, P.Paramanik (View Presentation)
  • Some case studies on combustion approaches to synthesize Chalcogenides, Sundar Manoharan (View Presentation)
Talks on 29 NOVEMBER 2008
  • Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis coupled with Chemical Vapor Synthesis to produce high surface are nanoparticles with unusual properties, Raju Addepalle Raghurama (View Presentation)
  • The using of synchrotron radiation time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiment for kinetic investigation of SHS with millisecond time resolution, Tolochko Boris P (View Presentation)
  • Rare earth Sulfide pigment by solution combustion method, Arun M. Umarji (View Presentation)
  • Combustion synthesis of oxide materials for catalytic applications, G. Ranga Rao (View Presentation)
  • Peculiar properties of the combustion process and structure formation in Ti-Ta-C system, Kurbatkina Viktoria V. (View Presentation)
  • Noble metal ionic catalysts by solution concentration method, M. S. Hegde (View Presentation)
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