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Updated on: March 15, 2014  
  About MRC  
The Materials Research Centre (MRC) was established as the Materials Research Laboratory in 1978 to pursue research and provide education in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Science and Technology. It was renamed as the Material Research Centre in 1987.

Currently the Centre has 9 active faculty members, 2 emeritus faculty members and 5 associate faculty members from other departments, including one honorary professor.

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  MRC - Basic science to device prototypes  
Shown in the image is a cubic crystal structure called the Perovskite crystal structure
Transmission electron microscope image (TEM) shows a gold particle that is <100 nm (1 nm = 10-9 m) in thickness and about 1 micron in lateral dimensions.
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Scanning Electron Microscope image of Ga2O3 nanowires.
Scanning electron microscope image of a GaN thin film grown epitaxially by a method called chemical vapor deposition
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This beautiful scanning electron micrograph seen is the fracture surface of a poly-crystal of CoSb3 containing Mn and Yb.
Graphical representation of the results of theoretical modeling of energy transfer between an excited dye molecule and a nanoparticle.
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Atomic force microscope image of an optical bragg grating made out of a glass nanocrystal composite.
Prototype of electronic device to be used as a gas sensor
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  Current Events

Recent awards and recognition for students

  • Debasmita Dwibedi, of Dr. Prabeer Barpanda's group has won best poster award at IUMRS-ICA2015 conference in Singapore.

Admissions to integrated Ph. D. in chemical sciences is through JAM from 2013.

MRC Cricket Team Won Inter Departmental Cricket Championship 2010

Dr. N. Ravishankar & Aditi Halder 's
interview to ScienceWatch.com

BIOMAT 12 was conducted on Dec 7-9th 2012 at MRC Auditorium

ACCMS Theme Meeting on 2D Nanostructures : Graphene and Beyond was held on 29-30th July, 2012 at MRC Auditorium

MRC Day was celebrated on 18th February, 2012

awarded to

Indo-Russian Workshop

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